Correction 🔐

A simple word is capable enough to make things proper. If any issue is there in life; make some corrections. Correction will navigate a path towards the desired aim. Correction requires a proper consultant and some tools to reorganise the tangled situation. If somehow I am unable to find a consultant then what I need […]

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Who am I ?

The unknown and strange paths makes life adventurous. Slowly and slowly we start walking on the the same, and same familiar paths; developing memories Every seed has a future of growing. A young mind is always curious for knowledge. …Wisdom is the fruit of curiosity. ❤️Take chances, explore new paths.🖤 *** Who am I? ***

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Black Chicken

In the central part of India, Kadaknath is found. Its whole body is jet black. Black feathers and black skin. Non-vegetarians have suddenly got passionate to this black chicken. Now, it satisfies the taste buds of chicken-eaters. Its popularity rose like the curiosity of humans. Black is the new popular taste. *** Black Chicken*** “Sukh-dukh […]

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Bombay Duck

An unusual specie with a puzzling name. A hugely popular fish available in ki Maharashtra, a western coastal state in India. This fish goes with a name of duck, peculiar look, and exclusively available in the coastal area of Maharashtra. As a food, it is mostly preferred dried instead of raw. When dried it carries […]

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The Aqua line

Mumbai, 27Nov2019 Mumbai Metro 3 also known as the Aqua line. It is 33.55kms proposed metro network. The first metro line of Mumbai which is fully underground. It connects the southern part of the city to the north central part. The ongoing projects report card says that when  you are reading this post at the […]

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Wish to have a vacation abroad; visa-fee. Hey! That really sounds good. Pack your bags, catch a flight and simply land to a foreign country. No hassle of thinking of visa, also budget friendly place, nature’s own beauty, everything within a glimpse. Mauritius, Maldives, Seychelles and Indonesia are the handpicked choices that refreshes us in-and-out. […]

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Living free is a luxury enjoyed by either extreme rich or extreme poor. It literally means live-free. The medium income group is always possessed towards money. Am I saying money is associated with living free. Definitely Yes, Money is the heart of the human life. I did not say oxygen as it is effortless. But […]

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