Make your Gold multiply

Use Saved Money To Make More Money

Probably, one of the golden truths of wealth creation that is voiced in many cultures.

You imagine your every dollar like little soldiers. Everyday, your mission is to capture more soldiers and get those soldiers to work to capture even more soldiers.

Most people are using money on buying things that rust, rot, or deteriorate to a net worth of zero. These include houses, cars, boats, clothing, watches, jewelry, or any merchandise. You’re making someone else rich by doing that.

What are the smart people doing? They’re taking every dollar they save and spending that on something that will make them MORE money.

Warren Buffett did this ever since he was a baby. He bought soda in a store and sold it to people in the summer for multiple times the price. He eventually worked his way up to buying pinball machines and setting them up in restaurants. He split the profits 50/50 with the restaurant owners. He slowly worked up to bigger and bigger businesses until he became the richest man in the world.

I hope you got the message.😍

***Make your gold multiply***