Thoughtful Tuesday: Hope

Why do people expect the things to happen in the way they want when GOD has its own planing for each one of us? Because HE has given us heart that always has “a hope” for it’s desires. Hope keeps us moving even in difficult times. One who has faith in HIM has the hope […]

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The Same Difference

Is it worth bothering? I mean, loads of people are producing new and lovely combinations of words so why should I add to them. And if I do, do I go down the main stream or do I dig a new river? And yeah, I know that I’ll feel different about it all tomorrow so […]

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Life Is a Sandwich

It was soft below us and easy to chew Twill be soft above us when we get through But right now we’re trapped in the middle, and wham! We find ourselves suddenly stuck in the jam Still, the art of savoring a sandwich, it seems Is to eat not just parts, but eat the whole […]

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I measureour distancein habitsI break. They ask: “when?” I saylong enoughI’ve stoppedhunting zodiacfor fish. When they askhow long,I say:so longI zipmyself up. I measure our distancein memoriesof muscle. They ask: “when?” I sayso recentlyour handsstill tryto touch. When they askhow long,I say:I spinthe ringI buried. I measureour distancein boneand body.They ask “when?” I saytoo long.His bodyis […]

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How Do Ya Like Them Apples?

What are you thinking? Goodwill Hunting or the doctor? The images we conjure up from even the smallest trigger are amazing. How the brain works is nothing short of wondrous. And we’re learning more every day. I just watched a PBS show on the brain. It showed methods of improving […] How Do Ya Like […]

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