The shadow of dark

Truth or dare is a classic game that everyone remembers from their childhood.

The shadow version of truth or dare takes the great game everyone knew as a kid and ramps it up into a fun game to play at a party or alone with your boyfriend or significant other. Use questions to find out the craziest thing your close friend has done alone or a secret fantasy your friend wants to try. There’s a lot of flirty and funny questions mixed throughout for a night you’ll never forget!

Dirty Truths and Naughty Dares for a Party with Friends

A truth or dare game is the perfect party game to spice up a night with friends. Use tricky questions to have a friend admit a hidden truth or flirt with someone you’ve always wanted to get to know. Any truth question or naughty dare is bound to turn your casual night into one everyone will remember!

***The shadow of dark ***

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