Eat fruit, sow seed

Don’t Wish For A Lump Sum of Cash. Work To Achieve A Consistent Cash Flow Instead.

People wish that they get lucky and win a lottery.

But any lump sum of cash you win will eventually go to zero and you’ll be broke again.

In fact, many lottery winners go through their whole winnings within a year. And their happiness levels go back down to zero.

They weren’t smart with their money or have a money-mindset and therefore they bought things that will depreciate to zero value.

Let’s say you win $1 million. A couple cars and 1 house can blow through half or most of it. People overestimate their winnings and start buying everything their friends and family asked of them.

It’s not how much you have, it’s how much you keep and how much you keep making in the future.

It sounds so simple but most people never consider to do this. They spend their money on stuff that will never bring them more money, like clothes, candy, or food.

Instead, invest in yourself, your skills, or worthwhile business or income generating opportunities.

***Eat fruit, sow seed***

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