14 Dec 2019, Mumbai Here and there, everywhere in our city I had noticed this flower. It blooms and expands in the same way like the thoughts in the human mind. I had been taught that flowers are known for special qualities like its beauty, sweet odour, attractive colours. But this one did not meet […]

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Greed & Fear

Greed & Fear are the evil symbols. It has dark footprints. Once they arrive in our life. They leave their marks forever. Be away of it! Have they ever spell bound you? 🙄 *** Greed & Fear *** “Sukh-dukh ki har ek malaa, kismat he piroti hai, haathou ki lakiro me yeh jaagti-soti hai.”

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Nokia tv

Usually what comes in our mind when we hear the word Nokia. Nokia has transformed itself from mobile phones to TV. Come, drive-in and explore the new generation Nokia. And indulge into the world of entertainment. A treat for eyes and ears to create a passionate world for our mind. Do not miss it. It […]

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Correction 🔐

A simple word is capable enough to make things proper. If any issue is there in life; make some corrections. Correction will navigate a path towards the desired aim. Correction requires a proper consultant and some tools to reorganise the tangled situation. If somehow I am unable to find a consultant then what I need […]

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Who am I ?

The unknown and strange paths makes life adventurous. Slowly and slowly we start walking on the the same, and same familiar paths; developing memories Every seed has a future of growing. A young mind is always curious for knowledge. …Wisdom is the fruit of curiosity. ❤️Take chances, explore new paths.🖤 *** Who am I? *** […]

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Black Chicken

In the central part of India, Kadaknath is found. Its whole body is jet black. Black feathers and black skin. Non-vegetarians have suddenly got passionate to this black chicken. Now, it satisfies the taste buds of chicken-eaters. Its popularity rose like the curiosity of humans. Black is the new popular taste. *** Black Chicken*** ix

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