Vyom-mitra: Lady Robot

The first Indian lady astronaut robot. Vyom Mitra is a combination of two words, Sanskrit word Vyom (Space) and Mitra (Friend). ISRO( Indian Space Research Organisation): She introduced herself at ISRO “Hello everyone. I am Vyom mitra, the prototype of the half-humanoid, been made for the first unmanned Gaganyaan (Moon exploration) mission,” the robot said. […]

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The Mysterious Lake

Lonar lake, the mysterious lake.Also known as Lonar Crater. One of the four known high velocity, impact crater on Earth. Location: Buldhana district, Maharashtra State, India A recent study conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay found that the minerals in the lake soil are very similar to the minerals found in ‘moon-rock’ brought […]

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Buy Citizenship

Handpicked selection of 7-countries offering paid citizenship💰. Make your desired choice. 1. USA, Investment of $ 500,000. 2. UK, Investment of $ 500,000. 3. Canada, Investment of CA$ 800,000 4. Australia, Investment of $ 5 Million 5. Switzerland, Investment of CHF 250,000/ year. 6. France, Investment of € 10 Million. 7. New Zealand, Investment of […]

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*** Fuxing ***

Driver less trains. New Year 2020 gift of China to the people. Hi all, How do you respond when I say travelling a distance of 174 km in 45 minutes. Hmmm No reaction by you. Then be ready to get surprised. Our chinese friends have developed a new train. Yes! The first high speed smart […]

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14 Dec 2019, Mumbai Kagaz-ke-phool in hindi language. Here and there, everywhere in our city I had noticed this flower. It blooms and expands in the same way like the thoughts in the human mind. I had been taught that flowers are known for special qualities like its beauty, sweet odour, attractive colours. But this […]

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Greed & Fear

Greed & Fear are the evil symbols. It has dark footprints. Once they arrive in our life. They leave their marks forever. Be away of it! Have they ever spell bound you? 🙄 *** Greed & Fear *** “Sukh-dukh ki har ek malaa, kismat he piroti hai, haathou ki lakiro me yeh jaagti-soti hai.”

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Nokia tv

Usually what comes in our mind when we hear the word Nokia. Nokia has transformed itself from mobile phones to TV. Come, drive-in and explore the new generation Nokia. And indulge into the world of entertainment. A treat for eyes and ears to create a passionate world for our mind. Do not miss it. It […]

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